What times are better for flossing?

Ergisa K.
I think it’s ideal to do it after each meal. Life doesn’t always let us have ideals though. I think it’s most important to floss before going to bed so you’re not sleeping with food between your teeth.
Moriah J.
I like flossing at night before I brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash. Having a routine for your mouth is just as important as having a skincare routine which is why I’ll do my mouth care routine before my skincare one to kind of add emphasis to its importance in my brain (especially since I really done like flossing 😅)
Tomasz A.
For me it would be after breakfast and after dinner. Not straight after maybe 30 to 60 mins later!! For me it makes sense. To floss my teeth after a meal bc I know there is a higher chance that I could have somethibg stick between my teeth.
Casey Z.
I feel like it depends what your diet is.
At the minimum before bedtime and before brushing. I do a good night time oral routine and just mouth wash in the morning.
Davino P.
I think that the best time to floss is essentially at night to get everything that you’ve ate in the day out of your teeth.
Ashley Y.
Before going to bed is the best time because this is after you have brushed your teeth and are finished eating for the day. It removes all the food you have eaten throughout the day.
Bal Zs X.
Saliva have some antibacterial properties. Since during the night salivation is decreased, it might be better to floss in the the evening so you’d remove the most possible food debris and bacteria.
Chris W.
I find that flossing as part of my bed time routine makes me more likely to floss. In the morning, I feel too rushed to floss and often skip it in the name of speed.
Susan Z.
I floss 3 times a day. Brushing and flossing your teeth after every big meal is essential for fighting cavities, plaque, and gingivitis.