Why do I need to floss my teeth? How can it help?

Elle O.
Because it will make you feel better about your hygiene. It is also good for your tree that to get anything that your brush can’t and to clear plaque

Vittoria J.
I have a crown that needs to be floss to keep. I also have gingivitis, the dentist said if I do this everyday that eventually it could go away. So that's my goal

Travis O.
Because normal toothbrush will not get into the spaces between teeth. And small leftovers of salives and food perfect for stuck in spaces like theese.

Carl W.
The health of your gums (gingiva) effects your whole health. Bacteria can enter u to your bloodstream to your whole body through your gums!

Flaviana Q.
Because little micro pieces of food stay between you teeth and can cause caries, also the most difficult to take care after if you need.
Al so improves you general mouth health and prevent bad breath.

Katie W.
Flossing removes gunky plaque buildup that can cause decay in your teeth. It cleans between the right spaces that can hide issues.

Tanja O.
Good question! I understand your frustration because it’s one of my least favourite things to do, but take it from someone who has had two teeth ripped out… it makes a huge difference! There are tiny bits of food that can settle in the small spaces between your teeth not reachable by a toothbrush, and these attract bacteria that will slowly eat up your enamel and cause cavities. You can always start small and decide to floss twice a week until you get the hang ofnit and it takes such a short time that it becomes less daunting to add it to your daily routine. Every little bit helps 🙂

Brittany Z.
Not only is flossing considered as essential to your oral health according to most dentists, but knowing and seeing your teeth clean has immense mental health benefits too.

Anarmaa F.
It helps to remove any leftovers from gums. The health of teeth depend on gums. The inflammation of gums typically results in tooth decay and cavities.

Abel S.
Better hygiene, less cavities/dental problems. But also to start a habit that I can learn to stick with bc its a small goal but I still need to actively do it and think about

Charlotte U.
Flossing is good for you, because if you have any food or plaque stuck in between your teeth that may not come off with tooth brushing the floss will help you remove it. Some bacteria can also get into your gums, and they are really harmful and you coukd get very sick.