What are some of the things that stop you from flossing each night?

Frederik W.
Laziness. It’s uncomfortable and at times makes me bleed or makes my mouth sore for a while. I’ve just never been able to make it a habit. Using the string floss is really annoying to me, don’t like it on my hands so I’ve purchased a brush type one… it helps.

Mike Z.
I’ve been pretty good about flossing, but I would say laziness or being too tired would prevent me from flossing. For the most part, I try and remind myself that it doesn’t take long and that it’s good for me so that keeps me motivated to keep flossing each night.

Arthur X.
Sometimes I find myself creating excuses for not flossing. It ranges from “brushing my teeth will be good enough” to “I’m too tired” to “I’ll do it in the morning”. All of these things are irrelevant. No matter how tired I am or convinced that I’ll get to it later, I try to remember that it’s best for me in the long run. It takes no time at all and will save me from dental bills later!

Jonathan W.
Being too tired or going to bed so late that I am only prepared to brush my teeth.
Also, late night snacking.
If I floss my teeth straight after dinner then I won't snack and only drink water until bed time

Mylan O.
I tend to skip flossing because I think it is a waste of time, which it is not and I’m just giving myself an excuse to not do it. I am currently trying making it a habit so I don’t skip it anymore.

Caleb Y.
It seems like it doesn't do anything. Sometimes it hurts a little. Sometimes I feel too tired to do something that seems like it's pointless

Livio N.
If I don't have flossers readily available, if I'm already comfortable in bed. My solution is to keep a flosser in/near my bed haha

Louis O.
I'm too lazy to do it, and I don't really care about taking care of myself. I haven't cared my health for a couple of years. I'm inconsistent more than avoidant. I'm glad I will focus on it more now.

Tom R.
Too sleepy to finish the entire brushing-flossing-gargling routine. Lesson learned: plan ahead and make time. Be intentional.

L Rke N.
Getting so tired that I’m too tired to actually do my Evening Routine. But I’ve been pretty consistent since I started using Fabulous…

Kent C.
I used to not floss because it seemed time consuming. But after practicing it for a while I realized it takes less than a minute.
And good dental health has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks and Alzheimer’s. So one minute a day seems totally worth it!!

Brian E.
Flossing has become such a good habit for me, I rarely don’t floss. When I don’t floss, it’s because I’ve run out of floss, or I have a canker sore or some other irritation and am using a water pick or salt water rinse instead.

Bernd Dieter F.
My first thought was laziness, but really it’s when I put off some things I have to do until the evening, then stay busy until bed time, and then tell myself I don’t have time for my evening routine and have to go to sleep ASAP

Clifford Q.
Nothing. I never did as a child and rarely did as an adult. I ended up with a lot of gum issues in my late 30s, early 40s. My brother in law had horrific breath…and it smelled familiar! I decided it was gross, so I started floating and brushing twice a day with a Sonicare. Then when I turned 50, I got invisalign braces. I liked them so much I started brushing and flossing 3-4x a day, but for shorter time. The results were amazing. Ive completely reversed my gum disease and I love my teeth now. Sometimes you've got to get so low that you decide it's ridiculous.

Il Dio Q.
Flossing is an important matters and some how I take it for granted. Sometimes I skipped it because I was too exhausted from work. I was thinking that I could do it later after my nap. I can see now that I was not managed my energy well.

Anita A.
When I go out and drink, and it is late and I am a bit tipsy.
When it is late and Rodrigo is already sleeping.
When there is no floss.

Silje C.
When I already lay in a bed, that is a point for me, when I can struggle a bit. The thing is that along with my depression I can be laying in a bed since the rarly afternoon. So if I decide to go to sleep and wake up in the morning, it is very hard to wake up just to floss. But reminders from Fabulous help me to think abot the purpose of why it is so important to do the part of any habit. Amd that is usually the point when I can be strong enough to wake up, floss and get back to bed 🙂