How long do you floss?

Hamaka G.
I floss between my teeth while rinsing the floss under water when it get too dirty and that usually takes about 2 minutes.
Duck Q.
It takes me about 2 minutes. I Make sure to reach every tooth. I start from the front upper teeth , then clean the right side, then the left one. Repeat the same for the bottom row. And done!
Darla F.
Typically, a little less than five minutes.

I floss until I’ve gone over each side of each tooth. I have 28 teeth (32, minus 4 wisdom teeth that haven’t sprouted), with each tooth having two sides. I floss about 5 seconds per side of each tooth. 28 teeth x 2 sides x 5 seconds = 280 seconds total

280 seconds / 60 seconds in a minute = 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

Jess E.
I don’t measure flossing effectiveness based on time, it’s results. I floss between each tooth a few times until I see that there is nothing on the surface of my teeth and the floss comes away clean and without any plaque or residue. That’s how flossing works. How else would a human floss? Peculiar question. Do other people time how long they flow
Jovee U.
I personally don’t like flossing my teeth, so usually about 1-2 minutes. I don’t really know how long I’m supposed to floss them, but that is the amount of time that I can get to all of them in.