Should you brush and rinse with mouthwash before or after flossing?

Angelina T.
Thank you for asking! Let me answer your question by listing out what I do:

1. Floss;
2. “Waterpik” my teeth;
3. Brush (I use Oral B); and close off with
4. Gargling with Listerine Mint

Prior to this routine, my gums were swollen, bleeding on occasion. After I implemented it, they’re all normal and my dentist beams.

Gundula A.
You should use mouthwash after flossing. That way the mouthwash, which often contains fluoride, can move between the gaps of your teeth and improve your oral health.
Bradley O.
My personal order:
Rinse with mouthwash

I cannot claim that's 100%, but I really enjoy that and it works for me, so take it for what it's worth 🙂

Valdemar W.
I've read that you should floss then brush. I think brushing twice is a bit overkill, but if that's what you prefer it might not do any harm.
Roberto J.
I suppose it would make more sense to floss first, that way you rinse away the food bits left in your mouth after getting them loose
Morris T.
It is better to use the mouthwash after flossing. This is because after you you've lost the air flow and the mouthwash is more likely to go through the stasis reach the spaces that you have flossed