Is there a good and bad way to floss?

Tyler U.
The best way to floss is to get the floss to hug the side of the tooth and rub the floss in an up and down motion, not side to side. Make sure the floss is not going back and forth or in and out of the mouth. If possible switch to a clean piece of floss for each tooth. Use whatever you like… I'm a hygienist and I floss in my car with picks. Use what works for you. Happy flossing 😁

Emmie Z.
Honestly, your dentist will be glad that you flossed at all, regardless of how you should floss. Maybe the next time you’re at the dentist ask the best way to floss. They’ll be glad that you asked and also glad that it sounds like something you care about as opposed to the usual dental patient who just says “yeah, I floss.” And lets that be the end of the conversation.

Hunter E.
Always make sure you floss every gap between your teeth. Make it game to make sure nothing is left hiding. Don't look at it as a monstrous task. If done right and with a little practice, it should on take one to two minutes.

Valdemar W.
I think you should ask your dentist.
I am not expert so I am not someone to give an answer to it but just like brushing your teeth I think doing it often is more important than the perfect way of doing it in my opinion… if you perfectly floss in a good way once a year thats not as good as ok way of flossing every day. Just do it.. its not rocket science. I am sure there is a professionally better way to wash dishes than whatever method I use but if I only wash dishes when i do it in the most perfect way thats not gonna keep my kitchen clean.