Do you have a routine for the Floss habit?

Arron Q.
No. I occasionally work nights so it is difficult to find an alarm time that works for me. Also I have had a sinus and throat infection recently so can’t floss until I can open my mouth wide enough.
Danuta X.
Floss before brushing teeth.
Floss between each tooth and under a total of 3 bridges. Then brush teeth with electronic toothbrush
Follow up with a mouthwash with muti dental health benefits.
This routine is done morning and evening.
Ilan Q.
My routine depends on what night of the week it is. Some nights I come home floss, brush and go to bed. Other nights I’ve found after I say good night to my kids works well for me.
Rosie O.
When I first started flossing– before it became part of my routine and automatic– I'd sometimes do it while I was watching a movie or a show at the end of the evening when I knew I wouldn't be eating anymore but while I was still drinking a cup of tea or glass of wine
Victor O.
I'm not sure what you are asking, but I have flossing as part of my evening routine. It is right after I brush my teeth and before reading a bit before sleeping.
Gerson O.
I always floss after brushing as my dentist once said, brush the teeth you like, floss the ones you want to keep..” it’s more an obsession than a habit now.