Is it okay to use the floss picks rather than using traditional floss?

Andre U.
Absolutely, as long as you’re still following the same practices you would utilize with traditional floss, getting at all of the angles of the spaces in between your teeth.

Brad C.
My dentist said "awesome" because there was a great improvement in my teeth and gums using the floss picks regularly rather than ordinary floss not so often.

Ed J.
I am no Dentist but I am related to a dental hygenist and she uses a combination of traditional at home and picks on the go. I would say if you are more comfortable with picks the the. You are just fine using them.

Tanise S.
My dentist said it was just as effective to use the floss picks as the regular floss string. Though I should add, I alternate using them with a waterpik.

M Lissa Y.
Yes – whatever gets you flossing! Of course, having a dentist look at your teeth on a regular basis means they can tell you if the dental picks are doing a good enough job of keeping cavities at bay 🙂

No Lie O.
I used floss picks for a while because I found them easier to manoeuvre in my mouth, but they're incredibly wasteful. They seemed to do as good of a job as floss tapes… Responsibly manufactured floss or pickers are better from an environmental perspective, but finding something that creates less waste by being reusable is best – I chose a water flosser and I find that it works incredibly well – better than traditional tape or picks – and even came with instructions for how to dismantle it into the various parts for recycling.