Do you floss before or after you brush your teeth?

Kay T.
After, I didn't really realise you could do it before. But I guess it makes sense to get rid of the dirt in gums first and then brush it away. Maybe I will try before and see if it feels better. Or look up online the best way.
Ana O.
I floss before I brush my teeth! I figure that if I floss first, all of the sediment and plaque and nastiness that I break up and pull out of my teeth will get brushed and rinsed away.
Centa F.
If I eat something and feel like there is stuff stuck in my teeth, I will floss before brushing. Sometimes I might only have time for one or the other, and flossing will get pieces unstuck- then gum helps with breath. At night, I brush first and then floss. If the floss comes out gross, I may floss a second time and even brush again. (This is most likely with starchy or pasty foods!)
Jordan F.
I floss after I brush, but it seems logical to floss before so that anything you loosen up would get brushed away. Maybe I should try that out!
Robin Z.
I floss before brushing my teeth. I switched recently from flossing after brushing because I just always felt the gunk that comes out from flossing would just slightly linger after flossing. I actually started by brushing, flossing, then a quick brush again. Now I just floss, then brush, trying to be thorough with both.
Solveig F.
I floss after I brush my teeth and then I rinse with an anticavity rinse. If my teeth are extremely dirty, I brush again after I floss.
Cl Mence T.
Before always. Always have. I tried flossing after from time to time or I will forget and end up flossing after but it is not the same. Before, always have, always will.
Vanner S.
I floss before& after I brush my teeth. Before because certain foods between my teeth can bug the living daylights out of me, after I brush, incase my toothbrush missed gunk.
Jonathan Z.
I floss after I brush my teeth. I keep the floss by my bed and use that time to celebrate my successes and finish the day.