Does anyone floss multiple times a day?

Anabelle Y.
Everyone who is serious about their hygiene averagely floss once, or after eating things that can get stuck. But more than once is rarely most people forget or have the habit of once a day.

Debra Y.
I believe so! I think that having flossers at your desk at work is always a good idea and it will promote healthy gums. I also think that flossing one time a day is perfectly sufficient.

Kris T.
Not always, but whenever there is something stuff in my teeth to the point of noticing it I go and floss even after flossing once today.

Jonathan E.
I feel like I should, i just added it to my habits. My husband just cost us $$$$ with dental work so I'm not taking any chances. I just to feel extra

Emilie F.
I floss twice a day! In the morning after my healthy breakfast and after I have brushed my teeth then I floss! Also in the evening after dinner and after I brush my teeth again!

Sandra R.
My husband flosses after each meal. He has peridontal disease from medication related dry mouth.

My sister flosses and uses a water pick after each meal. She has an implant that tends to get particles stuck under it.
I floss daily and water pick daily.