Does anyone floss multiple times a day?

Hold F.
I sometimes do. As I'm building up my habit to floss every night, my focus is flossing once a day. I'm not sure if you can "overfloss" and damage your gum.

Ryn O.
I usually don't, as flossing even once makes me bleed (but that's because I have a gum condition) and its best to give your mouth a break after brushing and flossing. Too much of it can wear down your teeth.

Omar N.
Yes, flossing does keel your teeth clean, have no bad breath for a rwally long time due to no food stuck between your teeth which boosts your confidence when talking.

Glen O.
It depends what you are throughout the day and how healthy your teeth are. Eating things that get stuck between your teeth requires you to floss maybe more more than once a day

Lija E.
Usually no, If I've eaten something that usually gets stuck in your teeth like seeds, nuts, popcorn etc I might go in with floss/toothpick if it is bothering me.

Benjamin Q.
Its deffo possible, and deffo recommended x I have braces now so there's this added importance to take care if my teeth, I'm using my brush and little chimney cleaner brush things but an failing to go in between teeth like I would with floss. In this case I just add to the focus of finding hidden spots and cleaning them. To floss is to look after gums as well as teeth too, so dont neglect them. Anyone can floss twice yh, or the braces equivalent :)))

Cheesy O.
I don’t because I’m the morning I’m very busy and yes, I could put 2 more minutes in to floss my teeth but I would much rather floss at night. Flossing at night means you can get everything out of your teeth from the day. In the morning all you might be getting out is some plaque. I usually take more than 2 minutes anyways because I have a permanent retainer in (a medal bar to keep my teeth straight) and it takes me a while to get the teeth behind the bar. I would recommend just doing it at night because it would save a little bit of time and it won’t hurt your teeth to just do it at night. Anyway I wish you good luck and I hope you have an amazing day :3)

Aemelia A.
I have what they call double depression so self care is really hard for me. So right now I figured I’d start taking better care of my dental health. I use both the floss and brush my teeth reminders to push myself to do both. If I don’t do anything all day at least I can try harder to do these little tasks on this app. Baby steps ya know. My daughter has braces and it’s hard for her to floss so she uses a waterpik and what’s called interdental cleaners. The ones we get are called DenTek Slim Brush Interdental cleaners and those might really help you get between the teeth and braces. I really hope this helps. Best of luck to you.

Katherine O.
Some people might floss more often than others if they feel the need to clean their teeth often. I personally don’t but it does not bother me. I probably should, as well as brush my teeth more often but I forget. If you floss multiple times a day you are probably really healthy and that’s a good thing, but I think that the majority of people are not that productive.

Frida Y.
I've been flossing in the morning and night but mostly just to make sure the habit sticks. Once I'm comfortable with flossing everyday I'm just going to floss at night.

Orett P.
Yes. My dentist recommend that I floss after every meal. So I floss before I brush my teeth in the mornings, after lunch and before I go to my bed

Artemis C.
I try to morning and night
Because I have breakfast before i brush it just clears things up for the day n.n and night because it’s part of my evening routine and feels wrong if I don’t haha

Diane S.
My girlfriend does, and because of that I do too. I use floss picks after I brush and before I use mouthwash, in the morning and at night.

Mari I.
I regularly (still imperfectly) floss before brushing at night. At other times of day, only once in some blue moon (almost never). I taught my bf how to floss, esp bc he has some hyperactive thing where crud visibly appears in a day. When in strong practice, he flosses 2 times in a day. He has been getting good feedback from the dentist recently.

Shay P.
Yes. For example if you eat an orange at breakfast those strings may stay trapped in between your teeth until night time, when we usually make sure to floss. Flossing after each meal is best -shay

Claire N.
I don’t, if you can it’s a good idea to floss after each meal. More is better and once a day is good and much better than not at all.

Myssi S.
Sometimes. I floss at night. But I will floss during the day if there is food stuck between my teeth. (it is usually broccoli lo

Asra Z.
I used to do that but then I was told that flossing too much isn't good. I floss once a day now and I do it at night before bed. Sometimes I floss in the morning too especially if I'm going out. Keep in mind that over-flossing can cause serious damage to the gum tissue .I think you can find some useful information about flossing on, here's the link :

I hope this was helpful:)

Huong Q.
Yes, it depends on your teeth condition. If your teeth
is strong, you don’t need to
floss many time in a day. However, if your teeth is sensitive, floss more 2 times is a good way to keep your teeth and mouth clean and lessen damages.

Erol O.
I usually floss at night after brushing my teeth but if throughout the day I eat something that would get stuck in my teeth,I'll floss.

Linda W.
Sometimes I do. Preferably it’s every time after you eat. Also I brush sometimes twice in a row because I get tarter build up really quickly. The reason I floss more is because my teeth are really close together and sometimes it’s hard just getting the floss in. I think you should floss as many times you think you need to.

Anabelle Y.
Everyone who is serious about their hygiene averagely floss once, or after eating things that can get stuck. But more than once is rarely most people forget or have the habit of once a day.

Courtney O.
I do. I always carry around flosser sticks. My teeth have recently moved and food gets stuck in a few spots after almost every meal. I typically floss 4 times a day, flossing between all my teeth at least once before I go to bed.

Mattia N.
There are people who floss after each and every meal they consume. My dentist told me that the bare minimum is once a day and I usually floss before going to bed.

L O C.
I just started flossing a few months ago and it has really changed my oral health. At the moment I only flossbin the evening.

Caroline F.
Finding something your interested in doesn’t always have to be something you do every single day. For instance, drawing. It’s always been one of my favorite things to do but there are times were I don’t draw for a while. But what gets me back into a drawing frenzy is thinking about my motivations for art. And looking at other pieces of art the lead to inspiration. So, maybe think about what caused you to be motivated or maybe look up some videos of the subject you used to participate in and see if that rekindles the spark you had for that subject.

Fey U.
Yes, twice a day. I need to brush twice a day so I just go ahead and floss twice too. Easier to keep it a habit when it’s a package deal.

Daniel Z.
Not that I can think of but not me defiantly not me I only floss q time and that's at night but when I have something stuck in my teeth then yea I will floss

Rea Y.
I'm sure some people do… I just so happen to not be one of those people… I've been flossing once a day for a year and a half and I feel good about it. If you already floss once a day and you'd like to do it more, then go for it, but if you don't floss at all, it'll be hard to jump to flossing multiple times a day… maybe starting just once a day would be best to start. good luck 🙂

Pauline O.
I'm sure some people do but it's truly not necessary. If you already have inflammation in your gums, it's really only recommend once, daily.

Fadime F.
Only the once a day for me! And that’s a big improvement for me because I wasn’t doing it before! But my boyfriend does it twice a day and swears by it.

Sandra R.
My husband flosses after each meal. He has peridontal disease from medication related dry mouth.

My sister flosses and uses a water pick after each meal. She has an implant that tends to get particles stuck under it.
I floss daily and water pick daily.

Ryan X.
Short answer, yes, I have been flossing twice a day for a few months now. I didn't used to floss much. I found it annoying and not useful. Once I got a flosser with solid handle, disposable heads, and some accountability, I didn't look back. I'm not perfect every day, but my gums are muuuch happier for it.

Sally X.
I started flossing morning and night but then I started worrying that I was over flossing so I switched to just doing mornings. After a recent dentist appointment, I learnt that you can't really overfloss like you can over rush so flossing multiple times a day is perfectly fine.

Alex W.
I dont, but Im sure others do. I only need to do it at night and whenever there is somethubg stuck in my teeth. I can get things out of my teeth with my toungue pretty easily so I only floss at night before bed just in case.

Christian P.
At least I do! I’m a little scared of hurting my teeth or my mouth in general, but I try to do my best when flossing my teeth. I think it’s better to floss two or three times a day, or at least every time you brush your teeth

Marice P.
Not usually, once a day has been a big enough of an adjustment for now. If there's something stuck in my teeth, then I might floss twice that day 🤷🏽‍♀️

Debra Y.
I believe so! I think that having flossers at your desk at work is always a good idea and it will promote healthy gums. I also think that flossing one time a day is perfectly sufficient.

Violet F.
I honestly was told to floss at night to get all of the plack out of my teeth so I don’t usually do it twice but if you wanna that is totally fine just make sure to not let your gums bleed.

Kris T.
Not always, but whenever there is something stuff in my teeth to the point of noticing it I go and floss even after flossing once today.

Helga F.
Yes, some people floss multiple times a day. Most people use floss 1 – 2 times a day, in the morning and before bed. Some people use it less and other more. It really differs on how many times you really think you need to floss.
-From someone unknown 🙂

Pl Cido C.
The only time I floss multiple times a day is when something really irritating gets stuck in my teeth. Otherwise, just once before bed.

Al Vio S.
Yes. Its important that you get everything between your teeth out starting at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day to prevent plaque build up and gum disease.

Maxine Y.
Yes, lots off people do. Everyone should floss after every time they brush there teeth but some people do after eating anything even if it is even a snack. So to answer your question yes lots of people.

Jonathan E.
I feel like I should, i just added it to my habits. My husband just cost us $$$$ with dental work so I'm not taking any chances. I just to feel extra

Libbie P.
At the very most o floss morning and night, but if I floss at all (which I do more often with fabulous) 99% of the time it's at night

Emilie F.
I floss twice a day! In the morning after my healthy breakfast and after I have brushed my teeth then I floss! Also in the evening after dinner and after I brush my teeth again!

Cynthia O.
Yes I do. In the morning and in the evening. It is a new habit then I have started and I believe you will become a permanent habit that I do I like how it feels when I do it and how my teeth feel when I do it

Rick E.
I prefer to only floss at night. That way I get everything from the day out. Flossing at the beginning of the day and in the middle seems pointless, because you'll get things stuck in there over the course of the day.