Does using a Waterpik count as flossing?

Erlese O.
No, beacuse it doesn’t clean teeth as well as floss. Waterpiks can’t get in between teeth and can’t reach stuff stuck there, whereas floss can do that efficiently as it is thin and delicate.
Mat O E.
I like to use both the waterpik and regular floss just to make sure my teeth and throughly cleaned but in a rush, the waterpik can do a good job. I think it counts.
Birgit X.
I think that a water pick would loosen but maybe not get stuck on plaque off without high pressure so a good floss water pick combo would be kosh.
Kelly J.
According to Wikipedia, it is: "An oral irrigator (also called a dental water jet, *dental water flosser*, dental water toothpick or water pick) is a home dental care device. It uses a stream of pulsating water *to remove plaque and food debris between teeth as well as below the gum line*. The oral irrigator improves gingival health. The devices can also provide easier cleaning for braces and dental implants.". So… I'd say, yeah.
Sonia C.
Yes, its consider better than flossing. The waterpik can get between your teeth better. I floss during the day. Before bed I use the waterpik to get anything missed. Good Luck
Cherly Q.
I think so if you are using the right attachment. My daughter recently switched to an attachment with little brushes on it that get in between the teeth. I’m hoping that will make a difference.
Inoc Ncio C.
My best friend is a dentist, so I’m happy to answer your question. 🙂

They are not the same.

Flossing is always better, because it can mechanically drag any piece of food remaining between the teeth. If you can do both (floss + waterpik) it would be amazing but, if you can’t, just do the flossing and you’ll be fine.

Keep going, friend. <3

Kurt O.
I don’t have a water pic but i use too when i was young. They work great but I still feel having floss removes things that can’t be removed with a water pic.
Quentin T.
I would say yes it does. Especially if you have braces. But you have to use it correctly. If you just aim it between your teeth, your gums aren’t getting the stimulation they need and the parts of your teeth that are under your gums aren’t getting the plaque removed so it’ll lead to gingivitis. If you don’t know how to use a waterpik, I’d say just floss with dental floss (and flossers if you have braces). It’s a pain I know, but your future self will thank you for taking care of your teeth and gums!