How long does it take you to floss?

Lloyd U.
It takes me about 1.5 to use flossing. It takes about 4 minutes to use my electric toothbrush. I follow up with my waterpik ~that's about 3-4 minutes. So, just under 10 minutes all together.
Glen C.
I’ve n bet really timed it. I just make sure I floss between all teeth’s. If I have food particles in a certain, I floss that area times.
Salih U.
I'd say around a minute I think. However on days when I'm tidying out the door probably more like 30 seconds – awful I know but such is life 🙁
Phyllis U.
I usually hate flossing but going to the dentist I was told to floss so I set it up for 3 minutes and just focus in the mirror to floss, and it's been helpful
Corentin Z.
2 minutes, I bought a floss stick that has a really long handle and replaceable heads with bits of floss on it. Made it way easier!
Maximiano Q.
About 1 minute. I tried different tools and settled for one that is quick and easy for me to use. This is more important to me than anything, since if it takes too long, I know I’ll skip it.
Elsie Z.
It takes between one and two minutes, which I now realize is an insanely small portion of my day set aside to protect my health.