Have you noticed any difference when you started flossing regularly?

Primo Q.
Actually, yes! My teeth look so much cleaner and even whiter in the gaps. I’ve noticed my gums aren’t as sensitive after the first few sessions!

Michael Z.
Not really, just I know that it suppose to be a practice done daily often reminded by dentists. Just knowing I'm doing it is a reward to me for following through.

Gloria L.
Yes, I definitely have. I used to feel my teeth kind of rough but now that sensation is gone. I should have started flossing before.

Everett W.
i started flossing everytime i brush my teeth a few moths ago and i honestly haven’t seen much difference in my teeth because my teeth have always looked quite nice but i definitely feel better about myself and feel more comfortable knowing my hygiene is good 🙂

Darla F.
Definitely. We don’t realize it, but our breath smells bad when we don’t floss regularly. My mom and sister used to complain about my halitosis all the time, but for the past year that I’ve been flossing consistently, they haven’t commented on it anymore. Additionally, my gums don’t bleed and I generally feel cleaner now, especially in the mornings where gunk will fester in your gums if you don’t floss.

Nicole J.
The habit of flossing was one that this app helped me create and sustain. In the first 7 months there was improvement in my dental health per my
Dental team. And it keeps getting better now a couple years into the habit! It has made a huge difference in my oral hygiene and health!