Have you noticed any difference when you started flossing regularly?

Primo Q.
Actually, yes! My teeth look so much cleaner and even whiter in the gaps. I’ve noticed my gums aren’t as sensitive after the first few sessions!
Emma W.
Normally when I go to dentist appointments they will always tell me to floss more and will keep telling me things I need to improve on like I’m never good enough, but after 6 months of flossing, at my next appointment, my dentist didn’t say anything about my teeth except for that they looked good. That made me feel like flossing pays off.
Nicole J.
The habit of flossing was one that this app helped me create and sustain. In the first 7 months there was improvement in my dental health per my
Dental team. And it keeps getting better now a couple years into the habit! It has made a huge difference in my oral hygiene and health!
Cate F.
Yes, I can tell that my gums are becoming healthier. I feel that I am taking a crucial step for caring for my well-being, yet it doesn’t take a lot of time.
Yogyata F.
Yes, I feel fresh when I go to bed. It helps me feel grounded. Its good for my dental health. I have started noticing more about myself now.
Michael Z.
Not really, just I know that it suppose to be a practice done daily often reminded by dentists. Just knowing I'm doing it is a reward to me for following through.
Ella Y.
I have been more hydrated, I have been taking care of myself a lot more than before I started using this app and it has helped me to keep myself hydrated and healthy and not eating so much bad food and exercise a lot more than usual
Gloria L.
Yes, I definitely have. I used to feel my teeth kind of rough but now that sensation is gone. I should have started flossing before.
Charline N.
Yes I did notice difference in my dental health, I had comparatively more whiter and healthier teeth now and I feel kind of confident about my teeth now
Everett W.
i started flossing everytime i brush my teeth a few moths ago and i honestly haven’t seen much difference in my teeth because my teeth have always looked quite nice but i definitely feel better about myself and feel more comfortable knowing my hygiene is good 🙂
Darla F.
Definitely. We don’t realize it, but our breath smells bad when we don’t floss regularly. My mom and sister used to complain about my halitosis all the time, but for the past year that I’ve been flossing consistently, they haven’t commented on it anymore. Additionally, my gums don’t bleed and I generally feel cleaner now, especially in the mornings where gunk will fester in your gums if you don’t floss.
Abigail S.
Well I think there is definitely a difference I see where there is gaps in my teeth, definitely no food left from meals before and I think it just adds to the cleanliness of brushing.
Cassie N.
I have specific areas that are difficult for my toothbrush to focus on (my teeth shifted a bit after wisdom teeth removal). Those areas no longer get build up, and my whitening treatments are more effective on those spots. Also my gums hardly ever bleed anymore from flossing and my mouth feels generally cleaner.