How often should a person be flossing their teeth?

Villads Z.
As often as a person would want to. There is no “should”. If the person feel like its necessary and helpful, then every night after brushing teeth is great.
Julian Z.
Definitely everyday. You brush everyday to get plaque off your teeth, flossing is just getting the plaque out of the harder to reach places. And doing it everyday keeps you from bleeding at the dentist
Daniel P.
The dental hygienist always tells me I should be flossing every day 🤷🏻‍♀️

I once read a really good life for gamers: get into the habit of flossing during loading screens for your matches.

Rapha L S.
At least once a day! It doesn't take very long and it really does make a difference. I like to floss after lunch because it's easier to carry dental floss than a toothbrush and toothpaste, and I feel fresher and more confident knowing there's no food in my teeth at afternoon meetings.
Leila X.
Twice a day but at least daily. Me personally I floss after each meal and right before I go to sleep. Gotta minimize chances of cavities and gum disease as it common in my family
Annie Y.
It is best to floss at least twice a day. This will strengthen your gums and clean your teeth. You can do this before bed, when you wake up, after a meal, or even just to freshen your breath.
Luzio B.
At least twice a day, morning after drinking at least a glass of water (there are magical benefits of drinking water as the very first thing in after waking up) and night before sleeping. During the day, if we eat something that can stick on our teeth or stay, it'll be a good idea to floss.
Sofie W.
Imo: with every toothbrush, session AND whenever you feel something is/might be stuck between your teeth. And after every food, you already know from experience, leads to food getting stuck between your teeth. The reason behind all this: the food that's stuck between the teeth serves as a foodsource for bacteria causing tooth decay.
Elijah G.
Preferably after every te you eat you should brush and FLOSS your teeth but the minimum you should do is morning and night.
Gary Y.
Daily. I do it before bed every day. My dentist recommends once daily. My visit at the dentist for my yearly cleaning have gone phenomenal. My dentist said “ I have great home hygiene habits”
Angie I.
I would say at least once a day, preferably at night to remove all the food residue accumulated through the day. But I guess the true ideal would be every time the teeth are brushed. This would ensure the health of the teeth all around, and not just on the visible surfaces.