Do you floss with floss picks or do you use the string floss?

Lina Clement
I try to use the string floss as often as I can but it takes too much time. I reach for the floss pick more when I’m so tired at night or if I’m rushing to go out.

Henry Bryant
I use both floss picks and string floss – I usually carry floss picks in my purse with my little oral care stuff – toothbrush, mini tooth paste and floss – FYI I had to wear braces in my 30s so mouth care is a big thing for me and the floss picks are handy esp after lunch on the go – just freshen up before going back to my desk

Nelly Kammer
I use string floss. Found that the picks are often too wide for the spaces between my teeth and/or that I end up poking my gums with them.

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