Should I floss my front and back teeth?

Louison C.
I think so. I always floss all of my teeth. Stuff can build up anywhere in your mouth. My front teeth have more space and they’re easy to floss but my back ones are really tight and close together, my dentist said those are super important to floss since they’re so close together.
Karl Dieter N.
Every tooth deserve a floss…start at the right or left back…work to the rifht ….do both jaws…do not spare on floss…turn it throygh your fingers like when you knit …have only a small piece betwee your 2 2nd fingers make sure you are in full controle and not hurtung your gums.
Scarlett E.
Yes. When you eat, you are using your front and back teeth. So, you still get food in between them, which is why you floss between all your teeth, otherwise it could result in a cavity between your teeth.