Do you floss before or after flossing? Do you get the same benefits either way?

Karolina T.
This question is worded incorrectly. I’m assuming you mean before or after brushing. If so, after brushing. I feel like I get most with brushing and the rest with flossing. Is that wrong?
Neil C.
You can floss before or after brushing, but some say that flossing before you brush helps the fluoride from your toothpaste better reach between your teeth.
Albert Y.
I brush, then floss, and then rinse with mouthwash. The brushing removes the plaque, the floss cleans in between teeth and the mouthwash makes my mouth feel fresh and clean
Katrine A.
I floss before brushing my teeth. I feel like the brushing is more effective because things are out from in between my teeth but I’m not sure if that’s actually true lol
Monica E.
I assume you mean do you floss after brushing? If so, my answer is that I floss after I’ve not tried the other way round.y dentist has always said to floss after.