I seem to have this perception of flossing as somehow arduous, and time-consuming, which when I think about it properly, it clearly isn’t. How do you make sure you floss, even when you’re in a rush and tell yourself that you don’t have the time to?

Adriel T.
I personally prefer flossing at night. It is better to brush and floss your teeth while still not feeling tired, so you do not hurry the process. Try watching your favorite series while flossing, so you do not understand how time goes by.
Jean Y.
I just do it. I brush my teeth everynight so tell myself there is no excuse not to floss. If i had done it all my life maybe my mouth would be better than it is. I use tge little brushes for most my mourh. But 2 teeth are too close so they tend to get left but need to make myself do rhem as well so i can keep the rest for as long as possible
Roxane Z.
Things you don’t like just incorporate into a habit. Once it’s a habit to floss after brushing, it won’t be a big deal at all
Brad T.
I bought myself a box of flossing sticks and carry some around in my bag, also by my bed and in my bathroom, easy to use on the go or doing other things at the same time.
Carter L.
I usually don’t floss, but I know it’s good for my teeth, so I will start to do it more and more and it will become a habit for me. Hopefully I do it because I really want all of my habits to be done u det my day 🙂
Philip Z.
Oh, you see flossing is a part of mouth hygiene. Just as you were taught to brush your teeth, this is just adding to that habitual routine. Care for yourself and your teeth will care for you.
Joey F.
Years ago a dentist told me that flossing was more important than brushing if you want to keep your teeth and your health. If I’m in a hurry, I floss first!
Pearl E.
Maybe stop thinking about the time it takes (which is like 15 seconds, btw, if you do it daily) and consider this: what would a full trash can full of food scraps and moisture kept in an unairconditioned closet smell like after 1 day? After 2 days? If you took the lid off and just walked by, you'd smell it. And even if YOU can't, other people can smell your mouth when you haven't taken out the trash in there (i.e. flossed). Do you want to be one of those people who makes others uncomfortable because of how your body parts smell? Finally, bacteria build up from poor dental hygiene is related to a hist of other health issues, including cardiac issues. So does the 15 seconds or so it's going to take to protect the health of your teeth, other body systems and repelling others around you due to your trash breath actually trump all those things above?
Cherly T.
The beauty of using the small interdental brushes as apposed to floss is the simplicity & speed of use. They’re portable so you can pop one in your pocket and simple enough to use one the go plus you only need to use one hand. Simple, easy, speedy & thorough, what’s not to love? 💕
Carol X.
Well, at first you have to make an extra effort and then after a few days you’ll feel your mouth much more fresh and clean. So I imagine every time I’m going to brush my teeth’s, that I want a fresh breath.
Sabrina Q.
I think of it as a very miniscule task but also find it easier to do if I perform it right before brushing my teeth at night.
Marie Louise F.
Flossing has gotten a bad rap. You can look out a window or just let your mind wander while you make this part of your daily routine
Jerueza F.
I don't know really. I floss once a day, and that is in the mornings. I used to think like you, that it was time consuming. And actually, I think this might be the key to properly plan for flossing: it kinda is. My mouth hygiene routine takes approximately 6 minutes in the mornings. I brush my teeth for minutes, then I rinse, floss, and then use mouth wash. It's the little things that takes time. Putting tooth paste onto the tooth brush. Wiping your mouth after brushing. And if you are aware that it takes more time, then it's easier to fit into your schedule. I think that might have been my mistake in the past: thinking that "it takes no time" and then I planned for only brushing teeth, and then there really was _no_ time left. Try to plan in a couple of minutes extra for your mouth hygiene routine, it might help.