Do you start with your top teeth or bottom?

Aaron C.
I actually always start brushing on the left side of my mouth with my teeth together moving to the front and then the right side. Then I move to the bottom starting from left to right, and then I brush the top from left to right. And then I just go every which was until my time is up and finish off with a good tongue brushing. Then once that’s done it’s time to floss. I wasn’t doing a very good job of flossing until I started using the fabulous app and now I floss every day!
Laura P.
Top teeth because I typically have more sensitivity with it. I like to get that done and over with so I can earlier get my bottom teeth done.
Christina Z.
I start flossing with my top teeth whereas I start brushing with my low. I don’t think it matters, as long as you do it. Maybe switch it up once win a while, that way you won’t fall into being more careless in the end of a session.
Frederik W.
I start in the top center, then jump to top left and circle all around to top right. Then same on the bottom – the center spot first, then all around from left to right.