What should I do when I’m too sleepy to get started with a routine?

Dylan Z.
When you're too tired to start your routine, there are a lot of options. Depending on what time of day it is, you can take a quick 20 minute power nap, or allow yourself to sleep in for 10-15 minutes. You can also drink a bit of caffeinated coffee for a little energy boost, but be careful not to drink it too close to bedtime or else you're gonna have an issue falling asleep. There are a lot of little stretches and bodily movements that can help wake your body up as well, and even some meditation that can help you get more focused and leave you with a little more energy than before. Like the coffee, if it is an appropriate time, you can have a quick, filling snack and lots of water to help you get back into the swing of things.
Mathys Z.
I know that it can be difficult…I seldom get tired myself. What I do.is lay there for a moment and think about the goal that I was going to set out to do. These habits are small right now. However, you will have to face bigger challenges later. I suggest to be faithful over the few so you can.be blessed with plenty later. Hope this helps.
Kylian Q.
The best thing (I think at least) is to try to get through the routine as best as you can. And also maybe take the time to reflect on how and why you’re sleepy. It could be simply because you didn’t get the right amount of sleep hours into your night, but there could be more to this. This way, you can try to do better at getting more energy when you first wake up, and then carry that energy throughout your day.
Fred W.
My honest opinion is power through it. I get up at 5am and workout on the weekdays. 6am on the weekends. It seems like no matter how early I go to bed I’m still tired. After a while your body will adjust and you’ll naturally get up earlier and go to bed later.
Roberta S.
The problem here is not the commitment but the sleepiness, as such adressing that should be the first goal. Try changing your sleeping habits to get better sleep and feel less tired during the day. If that is not possible then move the routine you want to start to another time of day, this way you can do it, get the benefits from it and still retain your sleep schedule. This might require some sacrifice but it is absolutely worth it. Good luck!
Jonas C.
Some tips from the net:
1. Don’t hit snooze button ( if you can’t, set the timer 90 min befor waking up)
2. Drink a glass of water
3. Stretch your tired body with yoga
4. Splash your face with water
5. Eat healthy breakfast (lower sugar fruits, whole grains, nuts, more on net)
6. Avoid having sugar
7. Drink less coffee
8. Go outside to activate your brain
9. Get some cardio in
10. Address your stress
11. Give yourself something to look forward to
12. Go deeper with mental health
13. Practice good sleep