Do you think flossing helps your dental appointments?

Marjan U.
Yes, I think that it helps my dental appointments because I see it remove plaque that brushing alone does not. My mouth also feels cleaner after flossing.

Nicolas M.
Yes I think it definitely helps the dental appointments. I think it helps since brushing only does 60% for your teeth. Flossing will definitely make a difference at your appointments because you will get all the extra food out of your teeth.

Dwight Q.
I do feel it helps my dental appointments. Then my guns don't bleed and I have less plaque that they have to scrape off.

El Na Y.
yes! i can’t believe how a small change that takes only a couple minutes can affect my life so much! I encourage people to start this habit not next week, not tomorrow, but today!

Danielle Z.
According to the dentist it does. However, I have found that flossing doesn’t help my dentist appointments. Maybe my teeth are doing better when I floss, but it doesn’t shorten the length of the appointment or the discomfort of a cleaning. What HAS helped my dentist appointments is brushing my teeth after every meal.

Danny P.
It most certainly does. I have excellent checkups and cleanings since I floss and brush 2-3 times daily. Also, since I went low carb I have had no new cavities.

Marilou C.
Flossing helps with keeping your teeth clean and healthy. So when you do go to the dentist, the chances of any work to be done on your teeth has been reduced.

Alice B.
Absolutely. Have no doubt. More than brushing. Keeps gums clean and bacteria way down. Good to keep breath problems at bay too! Floss after you haven’t for a while and smell the floss. Eww.