Is it better/more convenient for you to use those little “handle” floss sticks, or just regular old-school floss. I haven’t gotten used to the “handle” ones but they do seem more convenient.

Alvina C.
I like the stick ones better. They are easier to just grab and get it done. And can take up more space in my nighttime caddy in the bathroom so I can’t ignore or forget very easily. Though I hate the plastic waste every time I do it.
Benjamin B.
I just regular floss because I can’t fit my hand in the back of my mouth to use the handle! It’s also cheaper and greener.
Loiva Q.
I have used them in the past because they are more convenient. However, they are more costly and have an exponentially greater strain on our environment.
Jeffrey P.
I know flossing is important. Therefore using something that makes it more likely you actually will floss daily is more important than which kind.

If you would equally use both, I’d say just floss is more ecologically sound. Less plastic waste.

Miriam J.
Personally I use standard floss if only because it’s less waste and more cost effective for me. The picks are convenient in a pinch or getting to the back molars but it’s not enough for me to switch. You can buy a handle to put standard floss in to make it pick style if that works better for you. I got one from my dentist and it works great for my brother.
David X.
I use both.. the old school one is easier to bring with me in I’m traveling.. and more ecologic ..but the “handle “ is easy to use and very fast