What’s the best way to floss your teeth?

Marion Y.
I tend to floss more often when I use the little individual plastic flossers. I try to keep one in my wallet or even my pocket so I can basically floss any time.
Adam T.
I start with the ones I want to keep the most first- my front ones. That way if something urgent comes up (I’m a mom) at least I’ll still be pretty. I go up the sides of both teeth and gently sweep the gum area on both sides. I use a floss pick because my fingers are too short to reach the back teeth, and because they’re impacted I gently bite down on the plastic to push the floss in between the molars; the strong jaw muscles will give you much more control over the pressure so the floss doesn’t slam into the delicate gum tissue.
Alexis I.
I use the picks. I make sure to move around the pick in every spot between my teeth. This should get most of the plaque. I don't know if that is the best way, but it's what I do.