How many times a day should I floss?

Nanna B.
twice (or more depending on if you REALLY need it)! i usually floss after breakfast and before i sleep to make sure i don’t have any pesky bits of food left 🙂
Florian F.
Once a day is what I’ve been told by dentists. I find it challenging to get it done daily but I’m doing much better with the Fabulous app.
Brandy O.
If you’re able to, twice a day is recommended. If you have the ability to in between meals, that’s ultimate way to floss!
Leonard P.
I have made a lot of research about the topic. Bottom line, everyday, once a day, preferably at night before bed, and before brushing the teeth.
Shane N.
To be practical with who doesn't like flossing at all, 1 time a day while doing something else, like watching TV or videos.
Brandon T.
My mom is a dentist and she recommends after every meal but I personally only floss at night before bed because I eat a very low sugar diet
Suzanne Y.
I usually floss twice a day. I know some who floss 3 times daily and I know some who have constant floss picks for after every snack or meal. It really depends on what you have time for or ignore you can get into the habit of it!
Lucy O.
So, I floss every night before bed but I also carry floss picks in my purse along with mouth wash to take care of cleaning between meals. I can feel good in between my teeth and it drives me CRAZY so I need to do it. I think generally as long as you’re flossing at least once a day, you’re doing good!!!
Samuel S.
None is fine. Once is better then never. More then 3 times is too much. Don’t let perfectionism make you frozen. A quick little floss once a day is better then nothing.
Fanny Z.
I floss once a day. In the evening. Always floss before you brush your teeth so that the foam from the toothpaste can also enter between your teeth. I like to turn on the radio while flossing. It motivates me to do it. That way I am in the bathroom cause I am listening to the radio. Not because I am flossing.
Rosemary E.
I should floss at least once a day, ideally after every meal. For now I am incorporating it on my night routine for easier transition
Adalbert E.
You should floss at least once/day. I do it at night cuz that’s when I have the most time but as long as you do it at the same time everyday it doesn’t matter when you do it as long as you do it.
Mason E.
I sometimes challenge myself to floss twice daily for a period of time, but usually once a day is enough for me. I think it depends on what you can maintain in the long run, and also on the type of teeth. If you get cavities easily, then twice might be a good option for you.