How do you floss without making your gum bleed too badly? I can’t seem to do it right haha

Hugh U.
Your gums bleed because of infection. The more you floss, The less your gums will bleed. Use a saltwater rinse, or cool water rinse At the end.
Bella J.
I use sensitive floss, like Oral B Satin or something like that. A floss meant for sensitive gums really help. But more than that, if you floss regularly eventually your gums will shape up and stop bleeding. They usually bleed when they have been neglected for too long. If you are female, even you are a habitual flosser, your gums may bleed and hurt more when flossing on your period. Hope that helps!
Josefa G.
Wind: Wind 18 inches of floss around middle fingers of each hand. Pinch floss between thumbs and index fingers, leaving a one- to two-inch length in between. Use thumbs to direct floss between upper teeth.
Guide: Keep a one- to two-inch length of floss taut between fingers. Use index fingers to guide floss between contacts of the lower teeth.
Glide: Gently guide floss between the teeth by using a zig-zag motion. DO NOT SNAP FLOSS BETWEEN YOUR TEETH. Contour floss around the side of the tooth.
Slide: Slide floss up and down against the tooth surface and under the gum line. Floss each tooth thoroughly with a clean section of floss.