What time of the day is best for flossing?

Megan U.
I find that’s flossing at night before I go to bed is best for me. It gives me time to really be precise with my flossing because I always rush to get ready in the morning. Flossing at night can also be your time to reflect on your day.

Debbie N.
I floss both in the morning and night so I say to do it 2 times a day just so u know there is no food in between ur teeth 🦷

Gaspard Y.
The evening and after every meal to prevent food from breaking down between the teeth and causing cavities or an infection

Abbi F.
at night. i’m in a rush in the morning so i don’t have time so i do it before i go to bed so nothing is stuck in my gums while sleeping and causing irritation

Olga N.
I believe you should floss after you eat each meal because we all get food stuck in between our teeth and we should also brush our teeth as well. Another benefit of this is if you are trying to lose weight this help us control cravings in between meals.