Does everyone else hate flossing as much as I do?? If so, how do you overcome the dread?

Ursulina E.
I remind myself that I rarely have a cavity since I’ve been flossing. My dentist says that’s the reason. Now it’s a habit.
Liara P.
Floss picks! I don’t really understand why I like them so much better than regular floss, and sometimes I feel guilty about how much plastic they waste, but they’re the only thing that’s gotten me to keep a regular flossing habit.
R I F.
Flossing is good for you. I do it for 6 months, my gum is 2mm up on average and the pockets are gone. If floss proper is not for you, try interdental brushes instead, they are even better depending on whom you ask 🙂 Yes, it is annoying! Just do one tooth at a time, it will be over after just a few minutes. Do not consider the time as wasted but as an investment into yourself.
Lucas P.
Why do you hate it? The gross factor? If so, use as much length as you need to feel comfortable and place used pieces on a paper towel, then wrap the used pieces before throwing it away. Is it having to shove your hands in your mouth? If so, buy one of those floss staff things for extra comfrot!
Sylvia O.
Yes they do. The way I overcame it was to do it and see just how much gunge was stuck between my teeth even after a good brushing. It made me realise that brushing alone was not enough.
Martin T.
Definitely! But I remember listening to an interview where they said the more you floss the easier it gets (especially after the first week). Plus it’s good for your dental hygiene, and after hearing my mum talk about gum grafts and harrowing periodontist visits – that’s more than enough to keep me motivated! Good luck, keep flossing!