Do you floss as part of your morning or evening routine?

Rebecca Lewis
I floss as part of my evening routine, as I think there is a lot more food between teeth after a whole day of meals, than in the morning.

Bernarda Da conceição
I do at night, makes brushed teeth feel much cleaner, be sure to get between gum and foot of teeth. The main purpose of flossing is to prevent gum disease, I find it makes a significant difference even at three times a week.

Ninon Bonnet
Personally I feel most energetic/motivated at night, so my evening routine is the more ambitious. I just put flossing amongst some other things and end up hardly noticing that I’m doing it 🤘

Mathias Aubert
I floss after eating two or three times during the day and thoroughly brush my teeth and floss after showering at night. Just before bed. My nighttime ritual and routine.