How do you keep your self-discipline in check?

Ronnie Henderson
There's always ups and downs in what you do. Some days you may be a bit more receptive and others not so much. But the important thing is to put in the best effort you can in each moment. Consistency is what creates life long habits. So even if you can't commit a lot of time still try to do as much as you can. Eventually they will be second nature and you will wonder why doing these things was even difficult

Zita Dias
I try and try again. I take baby steps if I have to. If I come across a situation that I recognize I can make the right decision, I try to take that opportunity while I have the mental strength to.

Bruce Romero
I don’t! I completely have to interpret not eating or drinking poorly, and going to bed early as pleasing. As things that help me few good. No discipline here, working on building it but it’s slow going. I have to know in my heart I’ll be more happy with the choice I make.

Marie Møller
I think the answer lies in mindfulness and goal/body awareness. If the item or thing that is a distraction to you is taking you further away from your goals, then you have to prioritise what you really want and remember your goals to keep you on track.

Jamie Fleming
I use a journal at the end of the day to reflect on what detailed me and how much of a role I played in any unmet goals or unperformed actions.

Ekkehart Seiler
Mostly I'm just tired of feeling like my life sucks and every time I don't want to do something I remind myself that I'm the only one who can make it better.

Hans-wolfgang Kaczmarek
I don’t think a lot of people lack discipline. I think they lack accountability. The discipline is there because that is what urges you to create the habit. The accountability is what keeps it continually happening.

Amy Curtis
I’m certainly no expert! Fabulous gives me inspiration, accountability and reward (when I get to tap the checkbox for each item accomplished). For me, those three things are super important and help me keep up the self-discipline!