How do you get yourself to floss on those nights when you don’t really feel like it and would just like to get into bed? (I have the same question)

Erin O.
I have those flossers that come in a big package. If I dont want to stand in the bathroom, I'll grab 2 (one for upper teeth, one for lower), go lay in bed and floss. I always have a bottle of water next to me, so when I'm done, throw away the flossers in my nearby trash can. Swish some water around and good to go.

Manon Z.
Realize you can lose teeth from enough time skipping flossing and have to have a root canal or implant. Super painful and even with insurance: hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Kate Q.
I keep an extra container of floss next to my bed (along with a tiny trash can). So I have no excuse, even if I’m lying in bed.