Is there anything you reccomemd to make flossing easier?

Julian O.
I’ve never mastered the art of flossing w/floss string alone. :/ But I find floss picks super easy…and actually enjoyable if you get a flavoured wax (e.g., mint). I keep a pack of picks on my bedside table so there’s no excuse re: forgetting, etc. Hope this helps. 🙂
Salvador S.
Commit to just flossing one tooth per day. Odds are once you start you will just do them all 🙂 but the commitment is smaller
Vernon U.
Tie the floss in a loop rather than wrapping the ends around your fingers. This allows you to have a good grip on the floss without turning your fingertips blue.
Also, try out different types of floss until you find the one you like. I like the flat wide floss. Finding one I liked made me more apt to floss.
Clifford F.
Buy nice toothpicks and put them next to your toothbrush or in the middel of the sink. Pair flossing with using a nice mouth wash. Plan a dentist appointment, so that you will feel the pressure to floss every night!
Mya T.
I was never able to maintain a flossing habit until I got a Waterpik water flosser. It just makes it easier for me. AND the best part— my dentist was astounded at my next visit! He said my gums looked amazingly healthy, and he could really tell I’d been flossing regularly!
Lucy F.
If you mean in a blood/pain way, just floss more often and your guns will "toughen up" in response. If you mean in a getting yourself to do it sense, consider why you find it so difficult. Are you too tired right before you go to bed? Move you oral hygiene up in your schedule so you can do it when you still have energy. Keep forgetting? Keep your floss in a very prominent place so you look at it every time you need it. Otherwise, it's just a matter of willpower and pushing yourself, but not beating yourself up for not being perfect with it!