How do I keep myself interested in the process? It feels repetitive now.

Margrit B.
Try and look back to the goals you first set, see and write down how much progress you made, try new routines, aim for the 90 day habbit periode
Malou P.
I haven’t been working through for long, but I imagine that adding bits to your routine and teeaking it might be a good way today keep you interested.
Florisbela Q.
Think of it as a Wondrous Adventure in a Mystical Book. Each step in the main character’s journey requires hard work and repetitive struggles, but throughout their journey, they learn magical new things about a world around them and inside them that they had never set foot in before. Even if the things you do to reach your goal may be daunting, you must always remember that everything you see and do has something magical inside it, and all you have to do is recognize that thing. You may be striving towards a goal, but there is so much more to the things you do in your life than simple cause and effect. See the beauty in what you do, and you’ll never get bored.
Potira Q.
You have to really want to make a change. Like feel it in your gut, know that you want it. No one else will have power over your actions, only you can do for yourself.
Sue S.
Life is fluid. Constantly moving and changing making you to adapt and change as well. If nothing else you can always look to make someone elses day better.
Lewis Z.
The more I complete my habits, the more I feel the need to do them every day. I think my problem has always been I’m a procrastinator and I tell myself I can do it tomorrow. But they’re might not be a tomorrow, I realize the importance in making every day the best day it can be