How important is it to Floss absolutely everywhere? I struggle to get to my back teeth and my bottom teeth, can I do these less often than the main top front ones?

Heather N.
I struggle to floss too. But you are already headed in the right direction! Since you are already getting in your mouth and flossing . . . why not add all of your teeth. : ) I know for me, my molars need the extra attention (per my dental hygienists)! You might look into and discuss with you dentist other options to dental floss – like the picks with the tiny bit of floss. Good luck!!
Kell V.
No i would think quite the opposite really as you use the back teeth usually to eat so they would get much more used if any. So i think you should floss
Martha Q.
Flossing is flossing. It’s important to get the last of the plack that has build. Do your best and release the need to be perfect. There is also different devises to help with flossing. Your local drug store may have floss sticks which does the job perfectly on every tooth. Another option that’s more eco-friendly but a little bit more expensive for one time purchase is called a water pick. It’s an at home jet of water that is reminiscent of when you would find in a dentist office. Lastly, using some mouth wash that targets your teeth more than your breath with be a good strong finish no matter what you choose. And if you don’t like this, call dentist dentist and ask. Wish you the best.
Mariah E.
You need to do all and get into both teeth grooves of each tooth. It can be a struggle to get the back ones but that's usually where gunk hides and it's so important for your health. Dental health affects your heart, your digestive system and your lungs!
Marija G.
I think you should really try to reach those teeth in the back too. Because they are the ones which are often overlooked when brushing your teeth, exactly because of that hard reachability. So I would definitely say: try to floss there even more thoroughly than in the front if somehow possible, your dental health will thank you and you‘ll have just as bright a smile at fifty as you have now!
Ruth Y.
I would say they are as equally as important as getting the front teeth, if not more. We can’t really see if food lodges there unless is big enough. So flossing is super helpful to get the spots we can’t see very well. I’d suggest starting from the back to the front when you floss. That way you’ll do the easier ones at the end!