Are you struggling with keeping the flossing habit?

Elba Das neves
Yes , I feel like after brushing my teeth , flossing isint as "necessary" . Maybe I need to start getting into the habit of flossing BEFORE brushing my teeth

Frederikke Johansen
No, I actually am doing pretty good! I live in a hostel and have a little bag with all my dental items in there, toothpaste, mouthwater and floss. So whenever I brush my teeth I have everything there!

Earl Snyder
Yes. I have sensitive gums. So I hate using the string floss also making it habit is a little harder. But I went and bought my self a water pick to help make it less painful and easier to usr

Lucy Howard
Yes! I try to floss at least every night if not both in the morning and night. But it’s hard to remember at at that point it’s right before bed and I’m SO tired I just don’t want to do it even though it takes less effort that brushing your teeth.

Judith Bichler
Yes, It's someting thats not in my structure right now. And I forget it. But I am trying to do it u der the shower now. Maybe thats helping

Fabrícia Da rocha
Först hoppade jag gärna den men nu är den lika naturlig som borstning. Jag har en tävlan/ utmaning att det inte ska blöda och att det ska vara blodlöst så många dagar i rad som jag kan

Amanda Parker
Once you start flossing regularly you will feel like you need to any time you get food between your teeth .Also it’s great to get praise from your dentist!