What do I do if flossing makes my gums bleed?

Juliano Q.
My dentist explained that it’s usual in the beginning and nothing to worry about. You should keep flossing everyday as it will make your teeth a lot healthier.
Michelle X.
Brush once in the morning for two minutes and once before bed. Then floss gently once before bed. Finally, rinse with water. Your gums are bleeding due to bacteria and plaque. Keep the routine and you will see results in about 1-3 months. Also try a softer bristled toothbrush.
Silje C.
Usually the bleeding stops after you acquire the habit of doing it everyday. Unless it last for more than a month, then you should check with your dentist.
Cesaltino P.
My gums used to bleed a lot whenever I flossed. I decided to go to the dentists because I didn’t thought that was normal… and she told me that my gums were bleeding not because of the flossing but because I needed retainers. Go and see your dentist
Etta O.
Honestly, bleeding gums is a sign of not flossing enough. It may look off putting, but the more your gums get flossed, the less they bleed. For me, it took about a week. Now I floss every night and dont have any problems! Also consider using floss sticks instead of the strings – I found it easier to stick to my habit that way!
Nathan Q.
It’s happening to me too. Maybe it’s a sign that we weren’t flossing before 😩 the more I floss though, the less bleeding. Still, it’s worth making an appointment to the dentist.
Tamara T.
Make sure to floss after brushing your teeth, then make sure to floss everyday to build your gum strength. Your gums bleed because they are weaker and it's nothing to be concerned about. But if they continue to bleed after regularly flossing you may need a dentist appointment.
Lester J.
If it is a small amount of blood during the first few days of a new routine you’re probably okay. Otherwise, go to your dentist. Be gentle with your gums!
Terra Z.
Start by flossing more carefully, but definitely don't stop doing it! It means that your gums have become sensitive because you haven't flossed in a *cough cough* while
Marlies B.
I am not a dentist, but one thing I learned recently during an appointment was that I use way more pressure than I need to when I floss. She also said to use a light scraping motion from the gum line out, not a back and forth sawing motion…that can cut or damage the gums. You could also consider a waterpik to floss. I’ve always been told to see a dentist if my gums continue to bleed after 2 weeks of daily flossing (and brushing of course!)
Gretel X.
Keep flossing. They are bleeding because they haven’t been flossed enough. Your gums will adjust and be so much healthier and happier and you will begin to notice how much better you feel when they are clean, too!