Do you use floss thread, a floss hook or a water pressure floss?

Noel Y.
I have been using TePe interdental brushes for years. They come in lots of different sizes and with varying length handles. Much easier than floss thread in my opinion.
Brittany T.
I use floss thread mostly, i’ve Never used a floss hook but I have used a water pressure floss extensively. But WPF are not as good in my opinion because it makes me feel like i’m Not doing as good of a job and it makes me more lazy with flossing in general. That’s why I use thread because then I know what i’ve Covered.
Landon N.
Those plastic hooks are easiest for me. But I want something more ecologically friendly. My teeth are sensitive, so the water pick isn’t for me and I cannot stand the thread.
Cesaltino Z.
I use one of those plastic floss things. I wish it wasn't made of plastic but I tend to floss more often if I use it instead of thread.