How do you rationalize the additional time commitment of flossing?

Ortwin Jonas
Easy. It takes literally less than 2 minutes, and on the other side of the deal is the humongous cost of going to a dentist and have a cavity.

Lauriete Caldeira
It takes less than a minute to floss. Poor dental health has been linked to Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

I’d like to live a long and healthy life, and there isn’t much else that is so easy and can help so much.

That’s pretty much it.

Eden Roussel
It’s just not optional, and all it takes is finding the right floss and where the task best fits into your routine. I floss first, then brush my teeth, wash my face, remove my contact lenses, and then apply skincare products. It was a chore until I found an order of operations that reduced steps.
Judith Fowler
Bad breath!!! No one likes to be around a person with bad breath.
Also it’s really isn’t time consuming. I do with while I make up my steps on my Fitbit
Daiane Vieira
I’ve never been good at flossing. i always forget and end up never doing it. but, recently i told myself that i want to become a better, healthier person. i want to take care of myself more. your teeth is a big part of yourself. it’s the first thing someone sees when you smile. and flossing makes your teeth beautiful. so the want to be a better person is what motivates me to floss.
Jim Herrera
Honestly, it really doesn’t take that long. Most days I just literally do it in bed before I go to sleep. I keep the floss right by the bed. It’s just part of my nightly routine now!
Fabien Rolland
It's a simple habit that reinforces better dental health as well as general health. It also lends itself to improved mental health and positive self image. Also, dental care is expensive, so preventative care is always best.