Should you do intermittent fasting if you are an athlete?

Suzy T.
Research into intermittent fasting is limited but as with any diet or lifestyle your desired results greatly impact whether or not to try. In some studies with non- athlete, behaviors associated with enhanced weight loss and improved metabolic markers occurred but with uncontrolled variables in the experiment it was left without a conclusive answer. In addition to desired results, the type of athlete that someone is will effect whether intermittent fasting should be attempted. The negative effects of under nourishing one’s body as an athlete will greatly outweigh any benefits of fasting. Be sure to consider your very specific situation in order to provide your body and mind with what it needs. Hope this helps 🙂
Taylor J.
Sure. But maybe talk with your coach, trainer, or doctor about how to do so safely.

Also you can use the weakness and hunger pangs to strengthen your character. For me I use hunger pangs while fasting as a reminder to pray. They're like little reminders of what matters.