How long do you floss daily and what does it mean to you from an emotional standpoint to floss daily?

Isaac U.
I floss until I get between all the teeth. Best advice I ever got was from a dental hygienist, “smell your floss.” Often smells pretty bad! Good motivator, nobody wants to have that in their mouth.
Gabe U.
So flossing to me means that my teeth don’t have a lot of food in them.and I floss daily because my parents know when I lie.
Aurore O.
I floss until I am done flossing. About 2-3 minutes. My emotions toward it are pretty neutral. Clean teeth need to happen, so I floss.
Kay X.
I use floss picks, so it is faster to floss. At most it takes about a minute or so depending. For me, it takes a lot of mental effort to get up and floss before I sleep. I always think about the benefits which help me want to actually floss more.
Corey F.
Haha! I only use foss as an alias for rinsing my nose with water. It takes around 3 minutes rather than 2. And you? How do you interpret flossing? 😉
Nuray U.
It’s not time based, I floss once per day, if I can, and I do it so that I get in between all my teeth and clean them of debris and as far down along the gum line as comfortably possible. This probably takes two minutes, and I do it before I brush my teeth.
Emotionally, I don’t have easy, affordable access to dental care where I live, so it gives me an empowered peace of mind that I am taking care of my teeth. I worry about losing my teeth one day, and this is also a luxury for me to be able to take care of myself as a form of self-love and appreciation for my body. I had issues with flossing, if I flossed or brushed my teeth in the morning, it used to cause me to be sick for over half of my life, and only recently has that issue been resolved. As a result, between either vomiting (horrible for teeth) or avoiding brushing, my oral health is awful, for my age. So being able to take care of my smile and teeth properly is starting to be something I enjoy, and it’s definitely something I appreciate being able to do, without difficulties. After a few days, I improved my technique and it stopped being uncomfortable and bleeding or “pink in the sink” has reduced drastically. I highly reccomend taking it up. Also in the UK, where I live, it’s not as common a practice and I notice that people who haven’t had the same education and access to dental hygiene get dentures far more frequently than in the part of the US that I come from, and also spend ridiculous sums to get dental cosmetic surgery to remedy tooth loss or decay. I’d like to avoid that issue in my life.
Peter U.
Because I have flossed daily for over a year now I am very quick and effective, and there isn't much grit in between my teeth because they stay cleaner because of it, so it's even faster! It probably takes me about 20-30 seconds. Emotionally I would be very upset if I missed a floss one day because I have held my record for over 14 months. Also I take care in my dental hygiene especially so I would feel unclean.
Valeria T.
I floss behind and in front of each tooth, however long that takes. It means a lot from an emotional standpoint because I am taking care of myself and it’s a small step but it goes along way.
Tamara E.
Full disclosure, I only floss once a day, at my nighttime brushing. I like to brush first to knock everything loose and make the flossing go more smoothly. I brush for three times minutes, then floss untimed, however long it takes to feel satisfied that I got between every tooth and gum. It probably takes about the same time as it does to brush, maybe a little longer. Then I rinse with mouthwash for a timed 60 seconds. As bonus motivation to floss: I have my cat trained that when I open the floss pick bag, which is very similar in size and function to the little resealable pouch her treats come in, it means she gets a treat, too. So I get to make the cat happy and feel good about taking care of myself.
C Lian Y.
Personally, I floss twice daily at least. Once in the morning and once at night. I would like to more often and should due to the fact that I have braces. Usually it would only take a few minutes without.

The long term results are very beneficial. Your mouth feels closer to that clean feeling you get from the dentist and your breath is less likely to smell bad. Helps with overall cleanliness and betters the condition of your teeth and gums.

Ever since I got braces and HAD to floss, it has made me take pride in taking better care of my teeth and gives me a boost in my self confidence.

Vera C.
I’ve never timed it but it’s pretty quick. To me it’s about deep care and feeling good. A good complement to brushing my teeth like brushing on the inside without it – it just doesn’t feel like the job is done.
Jake A.
I know that the timer is set for 2 minutes on flossing, but I usually floss for about 3 or 4 minutes. I like to be thorough with this because I have periodontal disease. I feel like I am respecting myself greatly when I floss. My mouth feels so clean and I know I have done something, a very small thing that done everyday will have a big impact. I am left with a real sense of completion when I am done.