Do you floss before or after brushing your teeth?

Tierri Castro
I floss after brushing my teeth. I prefer thos way because I feel like brushing cleans and flossing after gets all the stuff brushing may have missed.

Asta Johansen
Before, because that way you can take the food essentials first and then use the toothpaste and brush to finish cleaning up the teeth.

Léon Menard
I floss before so that any gunk is cleared away so the tooth brush can actually clean my teeth and gums with no food particles in the way.

Bert Ott
I do it after, then I use mouthwash. I don't think it really matters in the end though, because at least you're flossing!

Stanley Scott
I do it before. For some reason I feel that makes more sense. But also that's the way my father taught me to do it…so…I do it before brushing.

Jessica Neal
that is a good question, I actually floss then brush my teeth one day, and then do it the other way around. I think I should google the correct way, which is probably brushing then flossing?