How have you been able to incorporate exercise into your morning routine? I always seem to wake up to late so I end up losing that time.

Caitlin X.
Keeping the goal really small at first has helped me. Fitting in 5 minutes is still worthwhile and feels like an accomplishment!
Lisa O.
I exercise at midday, before lunch! Never been capable of exercising in the morning – before breakfast I’ve no energy and after it digestion gets in the way.
Felecia X.
The key is setting your alarm and sticking to it. No snoozing. This means, try and get to bed at a reasonable time whereby you can get enough sleep. Once I’m up, I make coffee and turn the tv on to give me that jolt of life 🙂 I then do a few stretches and just light exercise. Basically don’t set yourself up for failure by planning to do full body exercises, just start small then escalate once you’ve gotten yourself into a routine.
Henry X.
I try to take a short walk around the block before heading into work. Even if it is 3 minutes, that's 3 minutes to get out of your head.
Tilde B.
If I wake up late with not enough time I sub whatever workout I was planning with a few minutes of stretching. Doing a few min of something is better than nothing.
Wilhelmine U.
I'm still working on this. Part of it is walking up a little bit earlier, so I can do one round of HIIT before getting in the shower. I'm just starting, and doing the bare minimum but a little bit more frequently each week. 2-4 times a week.
J Ssica A.
For me, I went to bed early. I leave for school at 7, so I sleep at 10 or 11 the night before, and wake up at 6, and almost immediately exercise to wake myself up. It doesn't have to be long, just 7-9 minutes will do. By doing that, you can cross the most difficult thing off your list, and start off feeling refreshed.
Giulia Q.
I haven’t been able to exercise in the morning, either, friend! That’s a goal for me because it’s so hot during the day.

I started waking up earlier because I got cats who wake me up at 6:00 very consistently for food. I also started taking vitamin b12 daily. I must have been deficient because my depression improved quite a bit since I started taking it. It’s not such a struggle to get up.

Another thing, which takes discipline, is waking up and going to sleep around the same time every day. Your body will need time to adjust, but as it gets used to the routine, falling asleep at a regular time won’t be so difficult.

Gustav Z.
I like to do push ups and (crunches if I have the time) right before I get dressed.
It’s one minute of something. One minute of making myself feel strong.
Carlos E.
I usually wake up around 6:00 Am on my own, no matter what time I go to bed. If I know I have to do a little extra, I just wake up a1/2 hour early to make up the difference. I keep all my exercise gear next to my bed ready to go. That way on the way to the bathroom in the morning I grab and go. It seems the more I do, the more I can do.
Good luck