How do I maintain persistence in flossing?

Nívia Rocha
Keep your toothbrush and floss together. This way you’ll always be reminded to floss right after you brush your teeth. You can do it!

Deise Moraes
I have it as habits under my morning and evening rituals. The app reminds me to do a few habits everyday that I think are likely to be forgotten by me or critical in my opinion. Use The Fabulous app to the maximum.

Brett Steward
I keep my floss in front on my toothbrush and listerine so that I see it eveytime I brush my teeth and say to myself that I'm not allowed to leave until i have flossed.

Faith Walters
Great question! And I am getting much better at it. I keep the floss right next to my toothbrush so it’s easily accessible and a reminder. I also keep the little Flößer stick things in my car too. Mostly I just do my best. And more flossing is better than no flossing!

Alfred Price
I set up a jar with flossers next to my toothpaste and toothbrush so when I go to get ready everything is within reach.