Have you noticed an improvement in your gum health since sustaining your flossing habit?

Emilia F.
Well my dentist said that my teeth are okay I still need to floss more my habit is not complete I won't help you become a good check-up I don't want gingervitis for periodontal disease
Tee O.
I actually have. It’s been 7 solid days and can say I definitely feel better. I had a stroke recently and decided it was never too late to work on my gums!
Jon Q.
Yes definitely. At first my gyms were quite sensitive and would sometimes bleed after flossing. They feel a lot healthier now and it’s actually so satisfying when you can see you are getting rid of tiny pieces of food that otherwise would have stayed in your mouth if you hadn’t flossed.
Terry Z.
Yes, my gums feel less irritated and my mouth fell healthier overall. Mentally, I also feel better knowing that I'm reducing my risk of cavities and that there's not gross food bits stuck between my teeth.
Anne Z.
Of course. Flossing does wonders to your mouth. Gums are feeling strong and teeth are feeling clean! Also not flossing is the #1 cause of bad breath!
Ryian Y.
For sure. I have always struggled with flossing and really noticed it taking a toll on my oral health as an adult. I really feel the difference in my teeth.
David Z.
Absolutely! My gums used to bleed and look unhealthy but not they look so much better. I use interdental brushes. They take some getting used to. Initially you may find that you have to force them in and there might be blood, but in a couple of weeks your gums will become a like better.