Do you think flossing correlates with access to wealth?

Jorge N.
That is a completely fascinating question. It definitely correlates with health….maybe adopting that belief (whether it’s true or not) and making flossing a mental ritual to “step into” wealth could produce a correlation in those two things in a person’s life. Worth a try…nothing to lose and a healthier mouth and body to gain.

Same Z.
Yes. Small habits build on each other. Flossing builds on the idea of self care, which can translate into better living and working habits. Small successes add momentum to building onto larger goals and the belief that small successes can amount to larger successes.

Paula J.
Here's what I think: all else equal, flossing will improve your quality of life and your life expectancy. Both positively correlate with earning power and asset building over time. There's no magic here, just one good habit supporting others.

Kasper Z.
I wouldn’t say so necessarily. Of course flossing is a great habit to have given its health benefits, but i wouldnt say its directly correlated to access to wealth. However, I will say that people who develop healthy habits are more likely to become successful in whatever their goals may be, be it financial gain or fitness goals as a couple of examples. This is because these habits create discipline allowing your more difficult and important tasks easier to manage because you already have a base in your morning and evening routines.

Sophie E.
I think so. I think for one thing, nobody wants to work with someone with bad breath. But more importantly, daily healthy habits are a good indicator of self care, and self care leads to personal wealth. Personal wealth leads to financial wealth, if that’s what you’re personally seeking.