What kind of floss do you use?

Antonin E.
Disposable forks, easy and convenient (exactly what flossing needs to be if you want to make the habit of doing it EVERY night) and not that expensive if you buy the right brand.
Isaac Y.
Honestly, I use those little plastic kids flossers that you hold and they taste like fruit haha, I got them from the dollar store.
T Mara Y.
I use the GeoOrganics charcoal fibre floss. It's plastic-free and zero waste, so it brings me a bit of joy compared to basic plastic floss from bog-standard brands (especially tape-style plastic, which cuts my gums!), and I think the fact that it's slightly fibrous means it cleans better than smooth plastic. Is this too much consideration to give to floss? Not if it means I'm pleased about using it!
Saula I.
I use the floss picks, usually my mom gives them to me. I like those but honestly hate flossing my bottom teeth near my permanent retainer. It’s annoying, and the picks allow me to get in there a little more than just floss-especially if I don’t have a threader!
Giulia Y.
I like the ones with plastic picks. My dentist tells me they’re not as effective as just using floss, but they’re certainly more effective than not flossing. I also like floss that’s less thick, but really I’ll use whatever.
N Ger N.
Tom’s Naturally Waxed. It’s not that great. It’s too thick and really hard to get between my teeth. The other floss I have used I glide and that was great!
Sharlene E.
I use strawberry Cocofloss because it tastes yummy and also leaves my teeth feeling extra pristine clean after I brush my teeth.