How many times a day do you floss?

Nevenka I.
I currently floss at least once a day: before brushing my teeth at night. I’ll also floss or use a toothpick after meals where I eat meat or other types of food which might get stuck in my teeth. However, my goal is to also floss and brush my teeth in the morning as part of my routine. So a minimum of twice per day, morning and evening, before brushing my teeth.

Malou N.
I floss after eating breakfast, after I finish eating lunch, after I finish eating dinner, and before I go to bed. So about 4 times a day.

Tim O.
I floss once a day. Every night during my shower, I waterpick in the shower for two minutes. I an so happy with how clean my mouth feels after I floss.

Veronica E.
I’m aiming for twice a day …which is quite something given I could go a month without it before. That being said, while it’s not my favourite thing to do….at the end of the day…how much do you value your teeth? If I had to choose….flossing twice a day vs. missing teeth/no teeth…I’ll take flossing 10:1 every time. 🙂

Brad Y.
I floss once a day at night after my post-dinner brushing. I put my floss container right next to my toothpaste where I can see it as a visual reminder.