How do I floss properly?

Edouard G.
Take floss and guide it between teeth try to be gentle and floss back and forth up and down alongside each tooth
Stella O.
I use the floss habit to remind me to floss and brush my teeth. I like to simplify whenever possible. I make sure to be gentle while covering as much of the tooth surface as possible. I also like to rinse my mouth out before I floss, which makes it more effective.
Claudia Q.
I definitely suggest putting the floss between the two teeth then wiggling it around to make sure you get all the plaque out in between your teeth
Bryan J.
I start by making sure I have a good length of floss and wrap it around each index finger. I slide the floss back and forward in between the gaps between each teeth and angle the floss so it wraps slightly and gently around each tooth. If you're still not sure check with your dentist 😁
Savannah W.
I make sure to get between every single tooth and go up and down the sides of my teeth. It allows anything hidden tucked away to be let out.
Hellmut J.
Use flossing sticks and try inserting them between your teeth slowly, dont rush
Tomothy Z.
Always angle the floss to get into corners of your teeth. Sometimes takes time to get the flossing action right. Makes your mouth feel good. I use interdental brushes too for back teeth. 😀
Ricardo W.
Get the floss and make taut. Gently place between teeth an guide up along the tooth up into the gum. Repeat in same gap along the other tooth's gum. Do this between all teeth along both upper and lower teeth. Rinse with mouthwash after and don't put anything in your mouth for 30mins (including water).
John O.
Buy some floss, good minty stuff 👍 and then grab a bit and get between your teeth? Do this often to be fabulously orally hygienic 👍👍
Madison G.
I flossed by first removing the food particles in between my teeth with the thread. Then, I gargle with Listerine to remove the smell of food on the sides of my teeth.
El A E.
I floss with the help of the glorious floss picks. I make sure I go in between each of my teeth and after I get between each one I scrape plaque from my teeth.
Amy P.
Take a long length of floss, get in between two teeth, scrape lightly multiple times on each side, pull out, slide a bit down the floss, and repeat. It's best to do this in a mirror to see if you're leaving any gross white gunk behind so you can go in again and get it.
Ola Des Z.
Always tried the regular string floss, but it became in easier when I switched to flossers, allowed me to floss more regularly
Hers an example:
GUM Eez-Thru Flossers Mint w/Vit E & Fluoride 90 count
Jerzy Z.
I use string floss. Wrap it around my anterior third of my left pointer finger 2 times to secure and then come within 1.5 in with my right finger that is free and not wrapped. I gently wiggle the floss in between two teeth until it goes between them. I used vertical up and down motions with the floss while hugging the floss in a C shape around one tooth at a time. Careful not to harm the gums. And do it for every contact, including the backs of the molars.
Louna Y.
With a floss/pick combo. Floss between tight teeth, pick been spaced teeth. Up & down motion against sides of tooth (not back/forth sawing).
Nina E.
Get in between every tooth, then sort of move your floss upwards and too the sides to get in between every space. Just don’t do it too hard so you bleed!
Clarence F.
your dentist really needs to tell you the answer to that question. However in the meantime: Flossing improperly is better than no flossing at all. Just get some of those plastic floss picks and go for it.
Wallace R.
Make sure the gloss string goes between each of your teeth, top and bottom.
Jade G.
Take your time. Do not be too harsh. Gentle movements. Look in a mirror so that you know you haven't missed any teeth.
Thies U.
Gently slide the floss between each tooth and and scoop upwards to clean. Don't forget the molars at the back of your mouth as well.
Monique Z.
Don’t forget to wind the used floss around your finger as you go. You’re not supposed to use the same area of floss for all your teeth.
Harold F.
I have to take the floss with my two hands and pass it through every teeth's space ,even if it's hard one the ones that are in the back of the mouth!
Noam S.
It may be hard at first, but you have to dig deep. For every tooth I move the floss to the right and then to the left. Make sure to get as much stuff as you can and then brush your teeth.
Liam E.
I use a water pick, so, first I put the mouthwash in the tank with water and then take 5 seconds between each tooth for 2 mjnutes.
Maura A.
I personally prefer the one handed floss picks. You simply push the floss part of the pick between each of your teeth to scrape the plaque out from between them.
Jason O.
You should floss by taking the string and rubbing it on our teeth in a c motion from the root to the tooth cap. That way you miss the gumline in the middle but you still get all the tartar at the root of the tooth.
Ev Ncio Q.
Follow your dentists instructions. Floss up and down the side of each tooth, down to the gum line. Allow the floss to curve with the tooth.
H Lo Se O.
I was thinking exactly the same thing when I was brushing before bedtime. I am not if my routine is the best. That is why i'm going to change it tomorrow night. I'll floss with the tiny brush, cutting down on unnecessary waste, then brush, and lastly rinse. That is what i'm going to first for the whole month.
Olinda F.
Well, I think now that I am doing fabulous, I will floss my tears more consistently. But my dentist is more focused on brushing than flossing so I was never taught the proper way to floss. But next appointment I have I will ask him.
Daniel T.
By mimicking what they do at the dentist's. Go over each youth individually, and don't sorry about using any type of force – the goal is to just dislodge anything stick between your teeth.
Tristan E.
Step 1. Make sure U have teeth😁
Step 2. Check with your dentist for proper flossing guidence
You Tube for video presentation.
Loane Y.
Though flossing is a small task that seems like a little hiccup in your morning or night routine, it’s an important step that one should not skip! I recommend using a floss pick that has a little handle at the end. They tend to be a lot easier to hold in comparison to a thread mangling you’re two pointer fingers. Make sure to get inbetween the teeth and scrape good!
Clarisa E.
To floss your teeth you will need some sort of dental floss with any flavor. I would prefer mint but it really matters about your personal opinion. Start by cutting the floss about 4 inches and wrap the floss around your two second fingers. Start in the back of your mouth. Put the floss between all of your teeth and go down all the way. Then move to the upper deck of your mouth and continue. Then wash your mouth with water and then you are completely done.
Olga U.
After brushing my teeth. I start top middle flossing between each tooth, always first the lest side. Have no clue why. And the move to down middle moving first left and then right.
Tilde F.
I'm sure there are videos online to help with this, but personally I use a thicker floss and go through each tooth carefully making sure to go up each side of the tooth as well as through the tooth crevice.