Does showering with cold water offer any significant benefits compared to its risks?

Esther Henry
Yes, cold water tends it invigorate your to move, due to most not liking the cold. When cold water is used for hair, during the conditioning portion, your hair is more likely to retain moisture and tighten the cells/pores much like your skin.

Hector Willis
I think it’s risks are more significant health wise and mentally, but for some people that doesn’t matter because the beauty benefits outweigh the risks. (Not personally but ok) I’ve always been told that cold showers are good for 2 things: strong/healthy hair, and Clear skin but in actuality it’s quite false so no.

Ninon Nguyen
I don’t actually know, but for me it seems to shock me into a good state of mental health by stimulating the nervous system. I don’t know the risks, but it helps me get over the cabin fever anxiety that sometimes finds me ☺️

Jo Brown
I’m not sure of the benefits but I know that from experience if I am finding it hard to wake up in the morning I end my warm shower with a burst of cold water and it helps to wake me up.