Do you floss at the same time every day?

Bryn Evans
Yup! Every night before brushing my teeth. Mornings are too hectic, but I can't sleep if my teeth feel gross, and flossing just feels sooo much cleaner than only brushing 🙃

Clinton Parker
I don’t floss very often. I go in bouts of really good hygiene and then I’m not sure what happens but I fall out of the rhythm and stop. I did floss today though!

Lisa Muller
Yes. Or well around the same time. It helps me remember and develop the habit better. Once it became second nature, it felt wrong not to floss then. While when to is up to you, I floss in the morning with the rest of my morning routine (after breakfast so I don't dirty my teeth again) and before brushing if it helps. I'm working on flossing after I brush again around 9 at night.

Julie Wilhite
For the most part yes. I floss at night. I floss during the day if I feel the need to but it’s part of my nighttime routine to floss and then brush my teeth.

Adam Daniels
A lot of the time I do, only because I get up and go to bed around the same time. Although I do most of the time, it can vary depending on my day and what I am doing.

Tim Gautier
No. It is part of my bedtime routine so I do I do it early some nights if I know I need to get up early or itll be later if i work late or stay up with family/boyfriend/friends.

Marie Mathieu
No, sometimes I floss in the morning when I brush my teeth, but most of the time I floss at night when I brush my teeth before bed and it depends on when I go to bed that I brush my teeth

Barb Barnes
I don’t floss the sameness time everyday because I have a different schedule everyday. However, it is better to floss the same time everyday.