Which floss brand do you recommend?

Colleen Garza
Minted waxed. Non waxed feels weird. Sometimes cinnamon is good too. I also prefer the roll the little floss picks seem like a waste of plastic.

Aldaír Fernandes
I hate using boxed floss. It hurts my fingers and I end up choking myself trying to get it between my teeth. I use either plackers or listerine pre-strung flossing sticks. They are easy to use and because it’s easier for me to use them I’m less likely to skip the flossing.

George Rodriguez
That’s a tough question because some brands of floss have been linked with cancer-causing carcinogens. Yikes! Personally, I like the flat flosses that aren’t bulky and slide easily between the teeth and gums. I do, however, also recommend that you do some research and choose your own brand so that you can make safe, informed decisions about what you put in your mouth.

Maëlia Brunet
Right now I use dentek which I don’t like, the shape of the floss handle is awkward and my teeth are too tight for it. I plan to go back to my water pick so I can stop buying floss and stop wasting all that plastic!

Valentina Morin
Right now I’m using Dentek and I actually don’t like it at all because it’s hard to use; just designed strangely and it’s not comfortable. Also it gets stuck in my teeth a lot. I am going back to my water pick so I can stop buying and throwing out so much plastic waste!! (I liked my water pick better anyway!

Sacha Blanchard
I actually have a waterpik flosser, and I love it! It was a little pricey, and a little awkward to get used to at first, but totally worth it. It’s so much easier than the cord floss, and I think it does a better job. I hope that helps!